DAMN!  Is it HOT, Must be Midsummer/Litha

As the wheel turns again we find ourselves at Summer Solstice. Litha - Midsummer is one of the Lesser Wiccan Sabbats. The sun is at the height of it power before beginning its slide into darkness and we experience the longest day and shortest night of the year. It is important to note that the separation of the light and dark halves of the year have nothing to do with good and evil. Light signifies growth and expansion; dark means withdrawal and rest. Both are necessary. While steamy Midsummer marks the beginning of the Sun's dying strength the season itself is very lush, erotic and sexy. The Sun, flowers and Earth are in full bloom. Hot Midsummer creates a fiery, mature, breathless passion. The God is at the very height of his power as we hit midsummer, at this point of the year the crops are coming along nicely. We have done all of the planting associated with spring and life gets a little easier as we sit back and tend what weve created. Its a time of great celebration before we meet the work ahead as the harvest comes in. We honor the God and Goddess whose union has blessed us with the fertility to create the projects we began way back at Imbolc. On Midsummer the veil between the worlds is said to be very thin making this a great time for divination, historically many maidens would divine a husband at this time. Midsummers Eve is said to be a time when fairies abound in great numbers this is a great time to commune with them and leave gifts of sweets outdoors. Litha celebrates abundance, fertility, virility, the beauty and bounty of Nature. Harnessing the Suns great power makes all types of magick appropriate now. We can also harvest the first of our magickal herbs at this time since they are drenched with the great power of the sun on this longest day of the year. It is a good time for empowerment, for strong magick and male ritua! ls, for handfastings and communing with Nature Spirits, for workings of culmination.The journey into the harvest season has begun.  

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chazcat.comWhere did

Where didWhere did ChazCat.com Go?

Well, it is simple really.  Chazcat.com was opened in 1998.  And was inspired by the one and only "Bubba Do" my Chaz.  You can read all about him in my "Beast's section.  I have had a lot of furrie familiars in my adult life.  All loved, a lot of them no longer with me.  All of them with their own page.  So you can go explore there at your own leisure.  So come on in, and i will explain what the "HECK is going on. 

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Cocoa beach

Want to know more about me?

I have an entire domain name for myself, but here on gritscat.com I have a entryway into it...go on you know you want to+ find out more, and what the domain it.....

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My writings PRE Wordpress

I have a word press that I am working on and will unveil it.  but for now I will leave my VERY old stuff up.  Peruse at your convenience.  but remember it is old stuff.  I also have a domain that I have bought for my laid back attitude and love of water and it reflect having grown up on the islands.  My brother and sister were born on the Big Island and Oahu respectively.  There is a nickname that they had for kids like me going to school there, and it is part of my domain.  But Ill reveal all of that later....

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Coming soon, Picture's

Posted 6 hours ago

Right now as of October 21st I am redoing all of my website, so this iwll be coming soo...ie.  it is under construction.  So be paitent

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