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Brand new News!!!!
Welcome to the new revised pages....as you notice the format is completely different.  


Welcome to the new and revised Branham's Beasts

Welcome to Branham's Beasts.  It is here that I have dedicated my pages to the various animals in my life from Florida and California.  I have also included a "Humor section which I hope you will enjoy as well.

One of these pages is dedicated to the cat that "Stuck With me" through
BAD marriages, and abusive husbands.  He has been through a LOT with me, and is THE MOST loyal male I know.  He is known as "Emperor Chaz" or "Chaz San" and reigns supreme where he lives now  However, he has many other affectionate names from me such as "Bubba", "Bubba Do", "Chaz Bot". 

So learn about him, .  Also, go and see my baby, my Temneh African Grey Parrot "Arwen"  I rescued this beautiful bird because she was being abused severely.  And she has bonded deeply with me, but sadly she is missing most of her right foot, and most especially check out the Warrior Kitten Gizmo when he was young and cute.

But come on in, and take a look around, but remember that I will be adding a LOT more this weekend, in the way of pictures

  •  will be adding more pictures this weekend.