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You Decide which one you like...

I had not see an double rainbow since my childhood in Oahu...this was my 2nd day here, and oddly enough, those clouds had a bad storm, with BIG hail, and it cracked my windshield

Taos double 

I had never seen Aspens before, let alone when they change.  Florida is perpetually lush and green, but seeing the seasons change, changes you forever.....And the sound of them in a breeze?....AMAZING.  This was taken off of the Enchanted Circle, near Red River

Gold in Red River

OK, now THIS is a sight I though t I would NEVER see....Snow, on my Camero...and what is under the hood, is making it a veritable BITCH to learn to drive in mountains and snow....

NO no my friends, u r not seeing things, it me, in the snow...wiht of all things....DOGS...LOL  Meet Skyler (the lab) and Cole....any by the way, Skyler outweighs me by 10 pounds, knocks me over all the time, and kicks ass and retreiving, and frizbee

Ok...not so graceful butt shot of cole...LOL

Samhain (sau-in) in the living room,  nice view hu?  He is my New Mexico kittie

This is me the 2nd day I got here, just above 90 pounds...and I've busted my ass to get above that weight, but it shows how amazing it is here in August

Another amazing sunset here, b-4 winter.  its a big pic, feel free to save it




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