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I will be adding and changing this site for the new year, along with new points of view and things I have learned, what you would call moments of clarity.  One thing you will notice right off the bat is the removal of my fathers page, and a change in graphics here.  It comes with me letting go completely and totally.  No one and nothing will ever again compromise my quest for peace and happiness in what is left of my time on this earth. 

I will no longer allow my self to be taken advantage of again, and I will not feel for the past, or mourn it for what is done is done, you either learned what it taught, or you will keep having the lesson come at you till you get it. 

We all make mistakes, and those who keep throwing it into your face, when you have made amends and suffered horribly, need to be let go and need to have well wishes sent their way, for they are in the past.  And living a vicious circle.  For only you, in your heart of hearts know honestly when you have forgiven yourself.

This is what you will find in the about me section...the journey....And I am hoping that it will help others....

My intent on the about me section is knowledge.  I want to pass on the lessons I learned, and I want to share my experiences and in doing that I am hoping to help someone who is going through bad times....So for now I will leave you with that, please explore and learn and find hope within these pages. 

Needless to say, things have been, well, interesting is a lighthearted way of putting it.  But darn it if I did not loose anything.  I still laugh when I can, and my heart, tho much more jaded, still reaches out to others in need.  (Sucks being empathic sometimes) And that is the thing that got me into massive trouble, as you will see.  But things that try us deeply, are meant to make us stronger on the other end. 

So enjoy the new sections on this page.  And I will be adding a lot more to them, including things I have written over the decades.   And please remember, I am published....3 times even.  Might not of been big time, but it helped teens in Oklahoma who were troubled.  And it is under my other name, which I might mention here some day.

So read, and enjoy, take your time and visit often, as I make the transition form physically helping people, to doing it here online, where hearts and property wont be hurt or destroyed.  Take what you can learn from my lessons, and use them or discard them as you will.  But it is here for all.


Love and Light to you and ours

Dealing with Betrayal and the unexpected
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